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A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book are being donated to AMESPA Research & Treatment Foundation for the medical treatment of children suffering from Cancer or Autism.

AMESPA Children's Foundation


About The Author

Debbie Buttar is inspired by animals and places that help them. Tonga , her first book, was inspired by an elephant sanctuary in Tennessee after she told her young ones a similar version as a bedtime story. Llama sounds was inspired by their pet llamas.

Debbie and her husband, Dr. Rashid Buttar, live together on their farm with their sons Rahan and Abie and only daughter Sara. The animals on their farm include horses, miniature donkey's, llama's, goats, pot belly pigs, dogs, a cat and a bunny. Her husband's clinic specializes in effectively treating patients who the medical community has failed or given up on, with a special emphasis on cancer and children with autism. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of every book go to AMESPA Children's Research and Treatment Foundation, which her husband started for the medical treatment of children suffering from these and other conditions traditionally considered to be untreatable.

About the Illustrator:

Christopher Davis liked to doodle cartoons growing up and later decided to go to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh to study computer animation. After earning his degree from the Art Institute he is now currently working in television as a graphics and effects artist. In his free time Christopher still enjoys drawing and other creative opportunities.


Bruce & Dolly Llama

on their new born son born June 5, 2010
The baby has a brother, Toby who is 1 year old.

First Steps


Born April 27, 2009
Parents: Bruce & Dolly Llama


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